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Over 25 years experience in all-round camerawork and technical production for television, film and corporate business.


Broadcast services & Technical production

Audiovisual productions / Technical producer.

Supplier: Camera crews / Camera equipment / Grip / Lighting. 

Post production and graphic design.


Multicam & ENG camerawork

Freelance Cameraman / Camera operator / Remote Head operator / Lighting directing cameraman / DOP 

Television and film support in all-round camerawork.


Grip & Camera remote operator

Jib operator: Jimmy Jib, TDT, Scanner crane, Scanner Elite, Jan Jib, Mini Jib, Genie Jib.

Remote head operator > Telescopic cranes: Super Technocrane (15/22/30/50), Moviebird (45/52/62),

Extreme (T10/T12), (Crane fixed arm) Strada, GF (9/16), Javelin, Tulip crane,

Remote head operator > Remote dolly's / Fly systems / Remote head: (2D) Fly-Cam (3D), Furio, Junior, SAM,

Speed Cam, Sports track, Star Cam, Tower Cam, Hotshot, Hothead, Z-Head, Mambo, Mo-Sys, Shot-Over G1, Flight Head CL, etc.


Latest work...

Nikkie Plessen Fashion show (MovieBird 62), MindF*ck (Super Techno 30), Martin Garrix presents: Anima (Super Techno 30), World Cup Speed Skating (Crane TDT), Grand Prix Judo (Extreme T10), British open Golf (Camera), Toto DVD 40 trips around the sun (MovieBird 45).


★Complete  Portfolio: Jasper Dirkse

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